Add Customers

Whether you need to add one customer or dozens, it's easy!

Important Note: Once you add a customer, they must verify their email and activate their account through the invite OR from a catalog you send them. Once they have activated their account and created their password, they can sign in through your URL or website. 


You need these customer details to add them to Local Line:

  1. Account Name (this can be a business name "Jack's Pub" or a consumer name "John Smith")
  2. Email Address (case-sensitive)
  3. Phone Number (Use a placeholder if you do not have a number.)
  4. City
  5. Zipcode/Postal Code

Your customers can add more of their information when they register their account. Customers that have not yet registered their account display an Unregistered tag beside their name.

baseline-add_circle-24px-1 There are Two Ways to Add Customers

  1. Bulk-import customers - great for when you first sign up.
  2. Individually add customers.

Bulk Import Customers

  1. From the Customers tab,  click Upload Customers and then click Customers Template to download the template.
  2. Complete the template.

  3. Save the template file to your desktop.

  4. Click the Choose File button to upload the template file.

  5. Click the Upload.'

NOTE: Adding customers in bulk does Not generate an invite to your customers. To Invite your customers to shop from you, you must send them a catalog.

Individually Add Customers 

  1. From the Customers tab, click Add A Customer.
  2. Complete the form.
    1. If you want to send an email invite to your customer, check the box in the Email Address section. If you choose to send an invitation later, use the Send Catalog option on the Customers tab.
  3. Click Create.

    Click here to proceed to your next step, assigning customers to a catalog. 

    If you want to edit customer information after adding them, see Edit customer information.

    24px Check out this blog post on tips for on-boarding new customers, click here to read more!