Add Delivery and Pickup Locations

You dictate how, where and when your Buyers receive their orders. Use delivery plans and pick up locations to best service your Buyers.

Delivery plans

A Buyer with a location that matches one of your delivery locations sees the option for delivery at Checkout.

Add a Delivery Plan

    You can create multiple delivery plans for the same city and assign them to different catalogs.

    Note: If you don't assign the plans to different catalogs, and you have zones that overlap, only the most recently created delivery plan is displayed to your Buyer at Checkout. If you are creating multiple delivery plans that are intended to overlap (e.g. when using the "Define by radius" option), create the plan with the largest area first and then create plans with smaller areas as required. As noted above, only one plan will be shown to your Customer at Checkout, at this time there is no way to show multiple delivery plans if more than one would apply.


    1. Click the Deliveries tab on the navigation bar.
    2. Click Delivery Plans.
    3. Click the Add Plan button.
    4. Specify Delivery Zone.
      1. Define by region - Choose a city, province/state or country from a dropdown menu. Set a Zone Name then search for and select the Region.
      2. Define using postal/zip codes - Choose specific areas with a comma-separated list of postal/zip codes. Set a Zone Name then paste the list into the Postal/Zip codes field. For a complete listing of U.S. zip codes and Canadian postal codes (as of May 2021) see this resource. If you want to add a range of postal/zip codes without defining each individual code, you can use a wild card character. For example, for the U.S. you could input 925* or in Canada N2L*.
      3. Define by radius - Set a Zone Name then specify the Origin address that is the center of the delivery radius. Specify whether to Measure radius in km or mi. Exclude any neighbouring states, provinces or countries that should not be included. Specify the Delivery radius up to value.

    5. [Optional] Minimum Purchase - Specify the minimum your buyer must order to qualify for that delivery zone.
    6. [Optional] Delivery Fee - Specify a fee for delivery.
    7. [Optional] Minimum for Free Delivery - Toggle this on if you want to set a dollar value threshold for free delivery.
    8. Order Lead Time - Specify the amount of time you need to prepare the order from when it was received, to when it is delivered. The clock for lead time is based on 11:59 PM (your local line zone) on the day of delivery. 
      1. Example: The order time for the Toronto, ON delivery plan below is 48 hours, and they deliver Monday to Friday. If the customer orders Monday they will not be able to select Tuesday as their delivery day. Wednesday is the first day they can expect the delivery because of the 48-hour lead time
    9. Catalog Availability - Specify which catalog(s) the delivery plan is available to.
    10. Delivery Schedule
      1. Weekly - Select the weekdays you deliver.
      2. Monthly - Select the days of the month you deliver to (i.e. every other Friday, the first Monday of each month)
      3. Use this option if you don't want customers ordering too far in advance. Just select the one day of the week you want and refresh it each week.
    11. Custom Checkout Message - After customers place their order, the Custom Checkout Message will appear with the automated confirmation that the order was placed successfully and the date of delivery. This is a good place to include any of the following information:
      1. Delivery fees may vary depending on the weight of the order
      2. If you will send them tracking information on shipped items
      3. Your contact information 
      4. Any other items they should know about your delivery process

      12. Click Save.

      Note: To edit a delivery plan, click the Edit button to the right of the plan. Click the x to delete a delivery plan. 

      Pickup Locations

      Adding pickup locations allows Buyers to order your products even if they aren't in one of your delivery zones. Once an order is placed, you'll be given the name of the location associated with that order and you can drop off the goods for the Buyer(s).

      Add a Pickup Location

      1. Click the Deliveries tab on the navigation bar.
      2. Click Pickup Locations.
      3. Click Add Location.
      4. Complete the form fields. 
        1. Catalog Availability - Specify which catalog(s) the delivery plan is available to.


        Note: To edit a pickup location, click the Edit button to the right of the location. Click the x to delete a pickup location. 

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