Set Up Your Storefront

Your storefront is your customers introduction to your business & online store, so make it personal!


Click on the My Store tab on the navigation pane. Then click the STORE tab.

baseline-build-24px Store Settings

  1. Click the camera under the Cover Photo heading to upload a picture from your computer.  Cover Photos dynamically zoom to all image sizes, but rectangular photos work better than square ones. Simply click the photo again to replace it. 

    1. If you have the iPhone XR, ensure to set the default image file type from HEIF to PNG or JPEG. Click here for instructions.
  2. Upload Profile Photo, in the same manner, recommended 200 x 200 pixels for best results

  3. Fill out business information (contact information, shipping and/or billing addresses, etc.)

    Tell customers about your business—what you do, what makes your business unique, why they should try your products! This will show on your Storefront in your About Us section and appear as text overtop of your cover photo.
    (Want to format your text to be bolded, coloured or italicized? Scroll to the bottom of this article for an HTML tutorial to format your About Us text!)
  4. Check off any Certifications make your business unique 
  5. Ensure to click 'Save Changes' button when finished

baseline-payment-24px Online Payments (Optional)

  1. Set your Currency, Canadian or US Dollar 
  2. Select your online Payment Getaway, Local Line is integrated with both Stripe and Square
  3. You will be redirected to another webpage to log into your Stripe or Square account to make connection

baseline-pageview-24px View Store

  • This will show you what your online store looks like to visiting customers
  • You will see it open your online store in a new tab. You can simply close it when done reviewing

baseline-public-24px Share Store

  • Here you will find your unique online store url, you can share this with customers to find your online store. 

baseline-photo_library-24px Photo Gallery

  •  Currently the Photo Gallery is not visible to customers, and is being removed altogether in the near future.



  • Fill out at much information as possible so you customers can learn about your business and what you offer. Ensure to 'Save' where applicable.
  • Click 'View Store' frequently to see what your store looks like from a customer perspective and to check your work!

Optional: Format your About Us text

You can format the text of your About Us section to be bolded, italicized, underlined, or coloured. Just copy and paste the code below after the colon, and replace "Your Text Here" with your desired text.

Be mindful that your HTML coding will also show up in your storefront's cover photo preview. To avoid having the code appear there, start your code after 297 characters. (To quickly count the characters in your text box, use this free character counter.)

  • To make your text bolded: <strong>Your Text Here</strong>
  • To italicize your text: <i>Your Text Here</i>
  • To underline your text: <u>Your Text Here</u>
  • To add colour to your text: <p style="color: #487556">Your Text Here</p> (To browse 6-digit colour codes, visit this website and copy the HEX code.)


24px-2 Click here to proceed to your next step, adding products.