Assign Customers to a Catalog

Once customers have been added to your account, they now must be assigned to a price list!

baseline-add_circle-24px-1 There are Two Ways to Add Customers

  1. Customer tab
  2. My Store tab > Catalogs tab 

Option One: Assign Customers to a Catalog in the Customers tab

  1. Click the boxes to the left of the customers you want to assign to a specific catalog (you can select one or several customers)
  2. Click the 'Assign to Catalog' button
  3. Select the catalog from the pop-up window
  4. Click the 'Assign' button

    You will see the catalog you assigned the customer to, to the right of the customer name.

    View Customers by Catalog

    In the Customer tab, you can see a bar of all your catalogs

    1. Click on the catalog and it will filter the customers you’ve assigned to the catalog 
    2. Once in your preferred catalog, you can "select all" to send a catalog to all assigned customers


      Option Two: Assign Customers to Catalog in My Store tab > Catalogs tab

      1. Click the 'Edit Customers' button to the right of the catalog you wish to assign customers to.
      2. In the left column, click the customers you want to assign to the catalog, you will see them appear in the right column
      3. Click the 'Save' button


      Note: A customer must be assigned to a catalog in order to view and order products from your storefront. Customers can only be assigned to a single catalog. 

      24px-2 Click here to proceed to your next step, sending customers a catalog to activate their account.