Embed your 1.0 online store in your website

Make your products available for purchase on your website. Embed your 1.0 store in your website or link it with a 'Shop Now' button.

The ability to embed your full store is only functional for Local Line 1.0 stores. If you have migrated to a 2.0 store, your store may appear to be embedded but is not functional and your customers cannot successfully check out. You must replace your embed with a redirect to your 2.0 store.

The embed feature is supported by third-party cookies, and all major web browsers are in the process of phasing third-party cookies out. As a result, this feature will gradually become unstable and eventually no longer work.

The instructions in this article are for embedding your Local Line store into a website that is hosted by an online platform, like Wordpress. 

For instructions on how to embed your Local Line store into your Local Line website that was built using our free website builder tool, see Embed your 1.0 online store in your Local Line website.

Embed product tiles or redirect 

  1. In your Local Line account, go to the My Store tab. 
  2. Click Embed.
  3. Copy the embed code.
    1. To embed your products as tiles, toggle the Store Code setting ON and then click Copy Store Code.
      1. If you want to apply custom styling to the button, you can configure that in the Design settings just below. Click Update store when you have finished configuring the custom styling.

    2. To embed a button titled Order Products Online that redirects to your Local Line storefront, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Copy Code.
    3. To add a customizable Shop Now button see this video:

    Embed full store

    1. If you want to embed your full store, click the Store tab.
    2. Click Share Store.
    3. Click Copy Link.
      1. If you prefer this option, you must insert the code into this format below. Note: Please replace the bolded link with your unique Local Line store URL:
        • <iframe src="https://www.localline.ca/local-farm" width="100%" height="2000px"></iframe>
        • The height and width settings in this code template auto-adjust to the fit to size, by default. You can manually adjust the size by editing the height and width directly in the code snippet.

    This article includes instructions for the most common application, Wordpress. Click the links below for online instructions for the other website hosts. 

    Note: As a best practice, Local Line recommends that you backup your website before you make any changes to it. Most website hosts have a marketplace where you can find and install a free plugin that allows you to do this.



    • You must have administrator permissions.
    • You must have a “Wordpress.com Business” plan.
      • Click the user menu in the top right.
      • Click “Manage Purchases”.
    • Install the Classic Editor plugin if it is not already installed.
      • From the admin panel, click "Plugins".
      • Click "Add New".
      • Search for “Classic Editor”.
      • Click "Install". 
    1. Login to your website’s admin panel. 
    2. Click "Pages" and then click "Edit" on the page that you want the store to be embedded on. 
    3. Load the code editor by clicking the icon and then clicking on"Code editor".
    4. Paste the store code you copied earlier in the spot you want it to be displayed. For example, if you want it to be displayed at the bottom of a page, paste the store code at the bottom of the page underneath all other lines of code.

    Click Update to publish the changes.

      24px-2 Click here to proceed to your next step, to learn about adding a 'Shop Now' button to your Facebook page.