Add Supplier Products

The products hub suppliers add will display on the hub's storefront and be available for customers to purchase.

Note: This is a step hub suppliers can do independently from their own account, direct them to our Hub Supplier User Guide for instruction. However if required, a hub administrator can add products on behalf a supplier and assign it to them.

Add Hub Supplier Products 

  1. Head to the My Store tab > Managed Products sub-tab
  2. Click the 'Add Product' button, circle with plus sign icon

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 3.42.41 PM

baseline-description-24px General 

  1. Upload a product picture (smaller than 20 MB) by clicking the camera icon and selecting a photo from your computer or mobile device
  2. Once you've selected the image, click Open to save 
  3. You can also take a picture from your mobile phone by clicking on the photo icon
  4. Assign product # (Optional)
  5. Enter the Name of product
  6. Assign product to a Supplier 
  7. Add Price per unit amount
  8. Select the box beside Taxable if product is taxable
  9. Select a Category to assign the product to (this can be done at a later time when you have created categories)
  10. Add a description of your product (the more information customers have, the better!)
  11. Assign the product to a catalog


baseline-view_list-24px Inventory

Local Line offers both Basic Inventory and Advanced Inventory. The steps below outline Basic Inventory, click here to learn more about Advanced Inventory. 

  1. Enter your available product inventory in Inventory Count
  2. We'll send you a notification when your inventory gets low so you can re-stock. Just enter the number in the Notify me when I get low field.

 Note: If you do not wish to Track Inventory, deselect this field by clicking to green check mark. Once a product is set up to track inventory it cannot be reversed. 

baseline-cloud-24px Availability

Enable Seasonality

If your product only available for specific seasons or time frames (example, Ontario asparagus season runs from May to June), you can enter it with the calendar picker. If it's not presently May or June, customers will not be able to order it. 



You can choose to manually remove products from your available products by switching the toggle to “Off.” It will remain in the catalogs you've added it to, but will not be visible to customers or available for purchase.

If turned off, this item will be visible to you and grey in colour. 

Best Practice: As a best practice and to preserve the accuracy of your historical data, don't edit existing product details. If a product requires a change, disable its visibility and add a new product with the updated details. Likewise, don't delete a product if you no longer wish it to display on your storefront. Instead, just unassign it from a catalog or disable its visibility.