Catalog Schedules

Save time and remind customers to place orders by creating automated catalog schedules. No more emailing 100's of customers individually!

baseline-send-24px Create a Catalog Schedule

Click on the My Store tab on the navigation pane. Then click the CATALOGS tab.

  1. Click the 'Edit Customers' button to the right of the catalog you wish to create a schedule for
  2. Turn the toggle to "ON" beside Catalog Schedule
  3. Select your frequency, weekly or monthly and the days you want your catalog to go to customers
  4. Select the time of day, remember to select AM or PM 
  5. Enter a message, if you wish 
  6. Click the 'Save' button
    Catalog Schedule

Make The Most of Your Catalog Schedule

Timing: Think about when your customers are most likely to check their email and send your catalog then, set that as the time of day your catalogs will be sent out

Personal Message: Take advantage of that message field, try adding in a story from the farm that week or a new recipe you have been loving featuring your products.These are great ways to engage your customers, just remember to click on and change that message before the next catalog is set to be sent out, so your customers don't receive the same message twice!

Important Note: If your store is closed (in your account settings) when the catalog is scheduled to send, the notifications will not go out to your customers.


Note: You will see a toggle for "Make your catalog available to the public." This allows customers to view the products when they are on your online store. Typically Public catalogs are retail catalogs. 


24px-2 Click here to proceed to your next step, optionally making your catalog public.