Payment Terms

Define payment terms for your different catalogs and customers.

baseline-outlined_flag-24px Understanding Payment Terms

Payment terms are the number of days until your Buyer is required to pay for their order. The payment terms you set take effect following the delivery or pickup date. For example, if you have payment terms set for 2 days and you deliver an order on March 10th, the Invoice will indicate that payment is due on March 12th.

Typically, wholesale catalogs would have payment terms around 30 days, and retail catalogs would require customers to pay for their order when checking out. However, this is completely based on supplier preference.

To enable instant payment, set payment days to 0 and ensure your online store is integrated with your Stripe or Square account in order to accept online payment.

baseline-attach_money-24px Set Payment Terms

Click on My Store on the navigation pane. Then click the CATALOGS tab.

  1. Click the 'Edit Customers' button to the right of the catalog you wish to set payment terms for
  2. Change the number to the right of $ Days until payment is due:
  3. Click Save



Note: The Payment Terms set here will also display on invoices in the form of an included Payment Due Date. 


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