Add your own products to your Hub storefront

Some Food Hubs sell their own products in addition to other food supplier's products. Use this method to add your own products to your Hub.

  1. Go to the My Store tab.
  2. Click Add a Supplier.
  3. Complete the form using your Hub's details. 
    1. Note: You must use a unique email address that is not in use with your Hub account. Use the same unique email address for both Login Email and Contact Email
    2. If you use Gmail, you can modify the email address to be unique. For example, can be modified to When this method is used, email notifications from both addresses will route to the same inbox.
  4. Click Create Supplier.
  5. Go to Managed Products.
  6. Click Add Product and complete the form.
    1. In the Supplier dropdown menu, select the Supplier you created for yourself.
  7. Click Create.