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Advanced Inventory, If Enabled

Offering pricing for variable weighted products and different packaging options is just a few clicks away! Ask your hub administrator if Advanced Inventory is enabled on your account, this is a special add-on feature.

Add A Product using Advanced Inventory

  • Click My Store and All Products
  • Add a Product or Edit if the product already exists
  • Enter all applicable product information in the General dropdown menu
  • In the Inventory dropdown menu select your base unit using the drop down menu (this dictates how you track your inventory)
  • NOTE: Once the completed product is Saved, the base unit cannot be changed. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The order in which your pack sizes show to customers is dependent on the order in which you add them. The last pack size added will appear first to your customer. Example: If you want pack sizes to appear from lowest price to largest price, add the larger priced items first. 
  • In the Packages section click Create Package
  • Set package Conversion values
  • Assign the Price
  • Select how the information is displayed to customers in the Display dropdown
  • Continue for each additional package required

Although you are creating several product packages from one place and it will appear like one item in your products list, customers will see each package as a separate product.


Your View

Customer View

No matter what package the customer purchases, it will be pulled from one inventory.

Inventory Count 

If you track your inventory, check the Track Inventory box and enter what you have on hand according to your base unit. Anytime a product is orders, it will deduct from this value.

NOTE: Once you start tracking an item, there is no way to remove the tracking. You will need to add a new product and delete the product with tracked inventory. 



If your product only available for specific seasons or time frames (example, Ontario asparagus season runs from May to June), you can enter it with the calendar picker. If it's not presently May or June, customers will not be able to order it. 

Why not just turn off the visibility? 

If you leave it visible but "Out of Season" customers will know they can order it from you during your harvest. 


You can choose to manually remove this product from your available products by switching the toggle to “Off.” It will remain in the catalogs you've added it to, but will not be visible to customers or available for purchase.

If turned off, this item will be visible to you and grey in colour.