Manage Store Credit balances

Use the Store Credit feature to run your CSA, issue refunds or offer promotional incentives to your Buyers.

The store credit feature is used in many ways:

  • CSA (buy-down model) or farm credit
  • Pre-paid orders
  • Gift cards
  • Refunds, or to compensate for an issue
  • Promotions
  • Buyer referral incentives

When you apply store credit to a Buyer account, they see their balance in their Local Line cart on your storefront, are given the option to apply their store credit at Checkout, and also in their order detail view if you offer payment terms in your catalog. 

If your Buyer applies their store credit balance to an order and it is less than the order total, they are prompted to pay for the remainder of their order using another payment method.

When a Buyer uses their store credit, it is logged in their Customer detail view on the Store Credit tab.

Add or Remove Store Credit


  1. Go to the Customers tab.
  2. Update a single balance or multiple.
    • To update a single balance, click into the Store Credit column next to the customer you want to give store credit to. Type the new store credit value.
    • To update multiple balances, click to select the customers you want to update the balance for and then click the Edit Store Credit Balance button. Then type value to add or subtract.
  3. Click outside of the store credit box to save the new balance.

    Download Store Credit Balances

    1. Go to the Customers tab.
    2. Click Download Customers.

      Note: Only Customers can use their Store Credit at checkout, if you are logging an order on behalf of your customer you will not be able to use their credit as they would.  You would have to go in and adjust their balance accordingly!

      Please see our pricing guide to get up to date pricing on this premium feature


      Here's some fun ideas on how you can best utilize the Store Credit to your advantage!

      1. Run an Instagram contest for $25 credit to your store!

      If you have Store Credit enabled in your account, offering credit to new customers as a contest prize is a great way to grow your followers, gain new customers, and encourage repeat business.

      Copy and paste this caption:

      We’re hosting a giveaway! Enter our contest to win a $25 store credit to [Your Business Name]’s online store.

      Here are the rules to enter:

      • Follow [Your Business Name] on Instagram
      • Tag three (local) friends in the comments of this post
      • Like this post
      • Bonus entry: share this post on your story!

      Contest ends on [Date]. Good luck!


      2. Use a "Refer your Friend" Promotion!

       As you start to sell this season, encourage customers to refer their friends. A referral helps create social proof for your products, and helps grow your business in a sustainable way.

      Reward both your existing customer and their referral to get the most from your efforts!

      Offer a $5 store credit to both your customer and the person they are referring to your store.

      Having a two-sided incentive for customers helps make your referral program more powerful. It drives new sales and encourages customer loyalty.

      Copy and paste this caption:

      Refer a friend to shop at [Your Business Name]! Let us know who you referred, and we will give you both $5 in store credit when they place an order!