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Checklist for Market Vendors

  • Is your storefront set up? Be sure to have a cover photo, profile picture, description, and business contact information featured on your store! (My Store > Store > Store Settings)
  • Are all applicable products assigned to your catalog? (My Store > Catalogs > Edit Catalog)
  • Is your catalog public? (My Store > Catalogs > Edit Customers)
  • Are existing customers (including the market) assigned to your catalog? (My Store > Catalogs > Edit Customers)
  • If you’re accepting online payment, be sure your Stripe or Square account is connected and that payment terms are set to 0 days. (To connect your Stripe or Square account, go to My Store > Store > Online Payments). 
    • If you have a green checkmark next to Square or Stripe, you’re good to go! If not, click the applicable payment processor and enter your login credentials to connect your account to Local Line. 
    • Adjust payment terms in My Store > Catalogs > Edit Customers.)
  • Does your account have a Pickup Plan in place? (Deliveries > Pickup Locations > Add Pickup Location)