Create a Test Order

It's always important to check your work and the best way to do this is to place a test order through your own store, read on to see how!

Creating a test order helps you relate to your customers online ordering experience! You will need a secondary email (one that is not used for your LocalSELL account).


TIP: If you would like to be logged in as Supplier AND Test Customer at the same time you should use a different browser or new incognito window to login into a second account.  For example, if you're logged into your supplier account in Chrome, use a new incognito window, Safari or FireFox to login as a test customer. 

Create A Test Order In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Add Yourself As A Test Customer

1. Add yourself (secondary email) as a customer (recommended you use Test Customer as the Account Name)

2. Assign yourself to a catalog

3. Send yourself a catalog

4. Logout of your LocalSELL account (or open a new incognito window)

Step 2: Activate Your New Test Customer Account 

1. Login to your secondary email account (Gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc)

2. Open the Product Catalog email you received 

3. Click the green View Store (this will take you to your customer account)

4. Enter remaining test customer info and save

Step 3: Place A Test Order 

1. Log into your new customer account 

2. Place products in your cart and check out

3. Logout once the order is placed (or return back to your LocalSELL window and refresh the browser)

Step 4: View Test Order From Your Supplier Account:

1. Click on the Orders tab

2. Click View to the right of your test order

3. Edit order, mark as paid, etc.


Reminder: Don't forget to cancel your test order after you are finished to ensure your inventory remains accurate and up to date.