Looking for ways to make your website more impressive and lively? Would you like to add some dynamics to your site, have a lot of eye-catchy effects, different page elements floating in, splitting and flying around; some elements zooming in or changing their color? Adding these effects couldn't be easier!

You'll find a full set of FX effects on the Left Panel ready to be put into action.

Want to check them out? The effects are divided into four sections: Fade in, Rotate, Parallax and Affix.

Now the most interesting part: lights, camera, action! To add the desired effect, you should drag and drop the effect icon to the area of a certain element.

After effect Tips and Tricks

Fade In is a cool effect to be used on an element or a block on your homepage, but it can quickly get annoying if you apply it to every page. Keep it cunning. Your site visitors shouldn't actually notice it as it should simply be a pleasant part of their experience.

Rotate is another effect that enhances the visitors interest to the content or the design of the website.

Each one of us has experienced a simple and boring website at some point of time. Here's where Parallax effect comes in handy. Just drag and drop the Effect to the desired area to make your website more visually appealing.
See how it works.

Affix helps you fix the position of the navigation section, while allowing you to add vertical offsets to the fixed elements, depending on where the user scrolls. It can definitely keep your site visitors focused as they head down the page.

As you've noticed, the added effect is marked with a small red square with the FX letters on the upper right corner of the element area.

!Note: You need to access the website with the Public Mode for the effects to become visible as they do not perform in the Edit mode