Embed your online store in your Local Line website

Make your products available for purchase on your website. Embed your store in your website or link it with a 'Shop Now' button.

The instructions in this article are for embedding your Local Line store into your Local Line website that was built using your free website builder tool.

For instructions on how to embed your Local Line store into a website that is hosted elsewhere, see Embed your online store in your website.

  1. In your Local Line account, click the My Store tab. 
  2. Copy the embed code.
    1. If you want to embed your store as a “Shop Now” button, click Embed and then Copy store code
      1. Use this option if you want to track inventory but do not want to show the inventory remaining amount to your Buyers.  
      2. If you want to apply custom styling to the button, you can configure that in the Design settings just below. Click Update store when you have finished configuring the custom styling, and then click Copy store code
    2. If you want to embed your full store, click Share Store and then Copy Link.
      1. If you prefer this option, you must insert the code into this format:
        • <iframe src="https://www.localline.ca/local-farm" width="100%" height="2000px"></iframe>
      2. The height and width settings in this code template auto-adjust to the fit to size, by default. You can manually adjust the size by editing the height and width directly in the code snippet.
  3. Login to your Local Line website at https://accounts.locallinesites.com.
  4. Click the Edit icon for your site. 
  5. Click Dashboard.
  6. Click Pages.
  7. Click the   Go icon to load the page you want to embed your store in.
  8. Click Elements.
  9. In the Misc section, click Custom HTML and drag the element to the spot on the page you want your store to be displayed.
  10. Paste the code you copied in step 2 into the box.
  11. Click Embed code.