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FAQ - Adding Products

Importing Products: 

1. I downloaded the Product Template to import my products and there's a column for Local Line ID. What's a Local Line ID?

This is the product ID for existing products in your store. Use this is you want to use excel to update your products or prices.

If you're adding products for the first time, there will not be a Local Line ID associated for your products.

If after the first time you import your product spreadsheet, and wish to use use the spreadsheet again to update and import more products, it's suggested you export you product list, update it, and re-import it.

2. What's a product number?

If you have your own system for tracking each product (e.g SKU), enter that number in the Product Number field so that we can help you keep your own system for tracking each product (e.g SKU), enter that number here so that we can help you keep track of your products

I'm having trouble importing my product list. 

3. Please use the abbreviations for the following units when importing products.

Acceptable units: lb, kg, g, oz, L, dz, bsh, bunch, flat, box, pack, ea, bag, pint, quart, basket, case, ml, skid, bottle, gallon, jar, loaf

Unacceptable units will not be imported:pound, kilogram, gram, ounce, litre, dozen, bushel, each, millilitre, etc. 



General Product Questions:

1. What's the difference between inventory, unit and quantity. 

i.e. You sell tomatoes by the case and have 30 on hand

Inventory = 1, Unit = case, Quantity = 30