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FAQ - Customers tab

1. What fields are mandatory for adding/importing my customers?

Account Name (how the name is displayed for you)

This can be a business name, i.e. Bob's Diner or a household consumers first and last name, i.e. John Smith.

Email Address (you cannot send a catalog without an email address)

Customer email addresses can only be used once per account. If you have a wholesale customer with two restaurants, they need to use a different email address for each one.

Your customer's email address can be used for your online store and another suppliers online store.

Phone Number

If you do not have a phone number for your contact at a business, enter the generic business number listed. If you do not have a phone number for a household consumer, you can always enter a substitute number (Yours) and make an order note to update this information another time. 


Customers can only see your products and order from you if they are located in one of your delivery cities or if you have a pickup location.

2. I'm having trouble importing my customer list. What am I doing wrong?

Use this checklist to help you correct you customer spreadsheet:

  • If importing failed, ensure to read the popup window. It will identify which rows and fields are invalid, this will help you correct the information for a successful upload. 

  • All mandatory fields (account name, email address, phone number and city) entered


  • There are no duplicated emails used (only the first one will import successfully)

Phone Number:

  • Phone number extensions cannot be entered when importing a spreadsheet. Extensions can only be entered by editing the customer after importing or when adding a customer manually


  • City must be recognized by Google Maps. Customers in townships and regions are not recognized.

Postal Code:

  • Must have 6 characters for all Canadian postal codes


3. What email notifications do my customers get?

Customers receive notifications when:

  • They place an order

  • You log an order

  • You approve their request change

Customers do not receive notifications when:

  • Orders customers placed are updated by supplier/vendor (there was a glitch here, we are fixing it, thanks for catching!)

  • Orders suppliers log are updated by supplier/vendor

Optional notifications:

  • When orders are marked paid

If you do not want notifications when an order is marked paid or when a customer pays online, take the following actions:

Edit Account > Email Notification Settings > De-select "When An Order Is Paid"


4. Where can I view my customers contact information?

Customers tab > click the PENCIL or EYE icon to the right of the customer name. 

You can edit customer information if the icon beside their name is a pencil. The pencil means the customer has not activated their account. If the icon is an eye, only the customer of a Local Line staff member can update the information. 


5. How can I tell if customers are looking at my products?

  • Use the insights on your dashboard to see who has viewed your products/catalog but didn’t order. Use the messaging feature to check in and see if you can answer any questions they might have on your products.

  • You can also see who has viewed your catalog and who hasn't in the customers tab

    • If you see an EYE icon to the right of the customer - the customer has activated their account and viewed your catalog

    • If you see a PENCIL icon to the right of the customer, the customer has not activated the account