Edit Customer Information

How do I change my customer's account name, email, password, and other info?

You can edit your customers’ information when you are the only supplier they are connected with on Local Line. Your customer also has the ability to edit their information if they register their account. Customers that have not yet registered their account display an Unregistered tag beside their name. When you edit your customer’s information, it also updates the information in their view, and vice versa. 

To edit your customers information:

  1. On the Customers tab, click View next to the customer.
  2. Click Customer Info to edit:
  • Account Name

  • Phone Number

  • Address

  • City

  • Postal/ZIP Code

      3. Click Save.

      Note: If the customer registered their own account with an Account Name that is unrecognizable to you (ie. 1948, Baseball Fan, etc), send them a message through Local Line and say you're updating your records and would like to add their first/last name, since those aren't required at sign up.

      Updating a customer email address

      If your customers email address needs to be updated, give them these instructions:

      1. Login to your account and click the user icon in the top right.
      2. Click Edit Account.
      3. Change your Email.
      4. Type your password in the Old Password field to confirm your new Email.
      5. Click Save.

      Note: Email Customer Support at support@localline.ca if you need further assistance.