How to add Twitter and Instagram Feeds or Posts to your Local Line Website?

Nobody would argue on how influential social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram can be. That’s why you’d definitely want to have your accounts linked to your Local Line website through Follow Us Icons or Sharing Buttons to redirect your site visitors to various social media platforms or enable sharing your website content there.

Another great way to add Twitter and Instagram content to your website is through embedding certain posts or the whole feed using appropriate widgets.


Displaying fully functional Tweets on your website or blog is beyond easy.
All you need to do is:

  1. Select the Tweet, click ˅ icon and select the Embed Tweet option.
  2. Once you've got the Widget, add a Twitter Feed Element from the Elements section on your Left Panel.
  3. Paste it there and click Embed Code.
    You'll find more detailed instructions on Twitter Help Desk here.

Voila! The Tweet is already on your page. Just hit Preview on the Left Panel to see how it looks like in Public Mode.

Local Line also suggests embedding a collection of Tweets using the same Element.
You can either add a full public timeline, specific Favorite Tweets, lists or certain customized search results from

Let's try that as well!

  1. First of all, sign in to Twitter and navigate to your settings to select Widgets.
  2. Click Create New one and choose the desired type making the configurations accordingly.
  3. Twitter offers customizing the Timeline design, theme and link color to match your website.
    Here and now, click Create widget and then copy and paste the code into the Twitter Feed Element as described above.
  4. For further instructions on embedding a specific timeline please follow this link.
    That's it!


What about embedding Instagram posts to your Local Line website?
Instagram gives you a chance to embed your own content as well as photos and videos from public profiles.
Let's embed an Instagram post with just a couple of clicks now!

  1. First and foremost, you need to visit the post on the web and get the embed code. To do so, just click the desired post to expand it.
  2. Hit the more [...] button and select "Embed". 
  3. All's ready to paste it to your website as a Custom HTML Element.

Easy, right?

In case you have any other questions, we'd recommend checking the Article on Instagram.

Hope you find this Article helpful while enhancing your website with Social Media posts and making it more engaging for your site visitors!
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