Variable Weighted Products

If you sell meat or other food that you must weigh before customers pay, the following best practices are recommended.

1. Tell customers to wait to pay!

Ensure to communicate with customers that their invoice total will change if they order items that require weighing to wait to pay until you send them the invoice. 

baseline-add_circle-24px-1 Custom Storefront Message

Add your payment instructions where they will be visible to everyone when they login to order by adding a  Custom Storefront Message.

baseline-add_circle-24px-1 Payment Options

If you offer payment by credit card, you can add instructions on the payment option. If you also offer e-transfer, cash, check, etc, you can add instructions that they can pay at delivery/pickup and that the invoice amount will be adjusted based on final weight of product. 

baseline-add_circle-24px-1 Custom Checkout Message

This message will appear on the screen once an order is placed, on the customer order and their order confirmation email. Custom Checkout Message

baseline-add_circle-24px-1 Payment Terms

Payment terms should be greater than 0 days so your customers do not pay before you have weighed and edited the products on the invoice


2. Edit the Invoice

Once you have pulled the product from the order and weighed it, adjust it on the invoice. Click here for instructions on how to edit an invoice.

3. Send the Invoice

Once your order is adjusted, send the customer the new invoice.  Click here for instructions on how to send an invoice.