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The Differences Between a Hub and a Market

This article will focus on the primary differences between the Local Line Hub and Market products.

Feature Hub Market
  • Products can be added by the vendors, or by the hub manager. 
  • The hub controls the products, inventory, photos, descriptions, etc. 
  • Products are added only by the vendors. 
  • The market has no control over product price, inventory, photos, or descriptions. 
  • The hub controls which products are listed in the storefront.
  • The hub controls if products have a markup.
  • The vendors control which products they list in the storefront. 
  • The vendors control if products have a markup. 
  • The hub has access to all orders.
  • They can update orders, edit orders, cancel orders, mark them paid, etc. 
  • They have full access to order reports like picklists, order summaries, and vendor payout reports. 
  • The vendor's name is displayed on customer invoices.
  • The market has access to orders placed through the market storefront, not orders placed through the vendor storefront. 
  • The market cannot edit, update, or cancel, or mark orders as paid. 
  • The market has access to some order reports such as the picklist and order summary. 
  • The vendor's name is displayed on customer invoices. 
  • The hub can add customers, update customer info, reassign customers to different catalogs, and send messages to customers. 
  • The market can see customers who have registered with the market storefront, but cannot see customers who have registered with the independent vendor's storefront. 
Delivery & Pickup
  • The hub has full control over pickup and delivery including places, minimum orders, lead times, and fees. 
  • All delivery & pickup is controlled by the vendors.
  • Hubs collect payments from customers, then distribute payments to vendors. 
  • All payments go directly to the vendor. The market does not collect any payment. 
  • Customers build one aggregate cart and checkout one time, even when ordering from multiple vendors. 
  • When ordering from a market, customers add products to their cart from various vendors, then complete their checkout with each vendor. 
  • Vendors may have different payment plans, delivery days, or order minimums, so while the cart is built in aggregate, the checkout happens on a per-vendor basis. 
  • Hubs have access to all orders, delivery, and payment reports. 
  • Markets have limited access to order, delivery, and payment reports. We'll be updating this in the future so that markets have full access to reports. 
  • Hubs have control over product categories and can list them in their storefront. 
  • Markets do not have control over categories and cannot list them in the storefront. Other than that, the storefront is the same!

We are consistently improving both the hub and the market platform. In fact, over time, we'll be taking the best parts of both accounts and merging them together!