Import Local Line Contacts into Mailchimp

We make it easy to import your Local Line contacts into Mailchimp for maximum marketing efficiency ! 

Step One: Download Contacts from Local Line

Click the Download Customers button to download a Excel file of your customer contact information.


Step Two: Prepare Contacts for Mailchimp Import

Mailchimp requires information to be imported in a specific format, no sweat- it's easy! 

  1. Open downloaded Customer List from Local Line in Excel
  2. Ensure each customer has a first name and last name

   3.   Delete last 7 columns of data (account name, phone number, address, city, province, country and postal code) 

  4.   Click first cell in column A > right click > insert > entire column 

  5.   Cut and paste email address column to new column A

  6.  Save the file in CSV format. In the File menu of your spreadsheet program, select either "Export as .CSV" or "Download as .CSV".

Step Three: Import Contacts into Mailchimp 

The final step is to import your contacts into Mailchimp, please refer to here to learn how! Once successfully imported, you will see your Local Line customers in your Mailchimp account. 


Tip: Local Line makes marketing with Mailchimp a piece of cake! Happy Importing! 

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