Link to a product on your storefront

Use this feature to highlight a product in your social or email campaigns.

Your products now have their own URL so you can link to them from social and when communicating with your customers!

Find a product's URL from your public storefront. Just click the product to open the modal and then copy the URL in your browser's address bar.



The two primary use cases for this feature would be:

  • Sharing specific product links on social media is a great way to highlight when something is on sale
  • For those farms that also have recipes on their websites, now you can link your customers to the specific products they will need to make their dish

  1. Go to your storefront URL or open it from your account:
    1. Click My Store.
    2. Click Store.
    3. Click View Store.
  2. Find the product and click on it to open the product modal.
  3. Copy the URL in your browser's address bar.
    1. Note: Product URLs only work for products assigned to public catalogs.