Logo Maker App

Every brand has its identifier – the logo. Local Line Logo Maker App allows you to create your own unique logo in no time at all.

So let's dive in the super easy, fun and creative process together!

You can access the Logo Maker from the Logo Maker page by clicking the 'Start Creating' button.


The App is available on your website's ‘Dashboard’ as well, if you already have an Account on Local Line.

Good news for mobile addicts 🤩

Now you can craft your logo using your favorite gadget! Just go to the Local Line Logo Maker, tap on the 'Start Creating' button, rotate your device and you're all set!

Let's get back to the desktop version and get started, shall we?

On your left panel, you'll see 3 elements that will allow you start designing your logo; Icons, Text and Shapes. 


Click on 'Icon' and choose a desired one from the thousands of options available. You can scroll and see all the existing icons. If you're looking for something specific, you can type related niches to the Search Box. 

Once you find what you're looking for, click on it and the chosen Icon will appear on the White Canvas.

You can then modify the size, rotation and the color of your icon.

  • To change the size, simply move one of the pointers on the corner of the icon box, hold and drag it.
  • To rotate the icon, click the "Rotate" tool above it.
  • To customize the color, click on the icon and pick the desired color on the panel above. You can use the pointer to select the shade of your color and even change the opacity or add a gradient, if you wish to. You can also insert the Color Code instead of 0’s to get the exact one you prefer.
  • The colors used recently are shown at the bottom of the Dialog Window. 


To add Text element, hit the Text icon from your left panel. Double click on the Sample Text to edit it.

Text Element, the Editing Tools that appear above it will help you make the text colorful, change the font, and the size of the Text from the dropdown menu.

You can make the letters Bold, Italic, Underlined or Capital from the same panel.

If you don't see a font you like from the given options, you can use some Custom Fonts from Google Fonts. Just click 'Add New Font' and choose which font you want from window that appears.


Since the logos created with Local Line have a transparent background by default, you can add a colored background to your logo using the Shape element.

Simply click on the Shape section from your left panel → choose which shape you want → change the color, size and rotation accordingly.

If you have multiple elements, you can set the desired layout by selecting one and clicking the Layers icons on the panel above.

To delete a certain element, simply click on it and press the Trash icon.

The App also enables group selecting the elements and changing their overall alignment as well.

Once you’re done creating your perfect logo, feel free to make it really yours!

Just click 'Preview' and follow the onscreen instructions to see how it looks in different printed formats and 'Download' your new brand logo.

Time to choose the format you want to get your logo in!


If you've chosen the PNG option, you'll get your logo as 600px wide file with a transparent background, good for online use on your website, email signature, etc.


When creating your Logos with us, you can Edit them later from 'My Logos' section.

That's all that it takes to create an amazing Logo here, hope you enjoyed the ride!