Online Payment

Set up and accept online credit card payment with Stripe or Square.

Once you have received and shipped an order, send an invoice to the customer either through your Local Line account or using an alternative accounting you have in place. 

baseline-payment-24px Setting Up Online Payments (Optional)

Click the My Store tab on the navigation pane. Then click the Payment tab and select Online Payments from the menu on left.

  1. Set your Currency, Canadian or US Dollar (please allow approximately 15 seconds for the selected currency to populate the field).
  2. Select your online Payment Getaway, Local Line is integrated with both Stripe and Square
  3. You will be redirected to another webpage to log into your Stripe or Square account

Once Online Payment is set up, a Pay Now button will appear on invoices you send out. If online payment is not set up, customers will not see the button. 

Advise Customers How to Pay Online

Within a customers account,  follow the steps below to pay for an order online

    1. Click the Orders tab
    2. Open the order
    3. Click Pay Now

    NOTE: If you utilize another accounting system and are using Local Line for inventory or customer management only, please ensure to mirror any order changes you’ve applied through your own system, i.e. Sage, QuickBooks etc. to your Local Line account. Don't forget to Mark Orders Paid to keep yourself organize! 


    24px-2 Click here to proceed to your next step, optionally adding product discounts.


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