Ordering Online - Benefits to Your Customers

You just made ordering easier for your customers! Here are other reasons they should order online and why they'll love it!

Order Flexibility

Today, if your customers want to order, they likely have to call, text, email, leave a voicemail or fax. The problem is that once the customer places an order, there’s no immediate confirmation through acknowledgment of the order. This is especially true if the customer is placing the order between the operating hours of your business. 

An online ordering program makes your products more accessible. 

  • Customers can order from their phone from anywhere, at all hours
  • They can see your updates products, prices, inventory and delivery information

Ordering Experience

  • Your new ordering program provides a better ordering experience than email orders. Why? It contains your real time inventory, gives customers an opportunity to browse all products and includes product pictures and descriptions.
  • It takes less than 1 minute to submit their order – it’s important they remember their entire experience as delightful. If it’s easier to order from another supplier, you’re putting yourself at risk.

TIP: This is not meant to assume you shouldn’t be calling your customers to engage them, check in and up-sell. You should. But for the times when the customer wants to order, you’ll always be open for business.