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Override the default tax rate

You can override each of the default tax rates if it is incorrect.

By default, the sales tax rate that is applied to products marked as taxable is destination-based, or based on your buyer's location (zip or postal code). In the context of a Food Hub, the Food Hub is the Buyer of their Supplier. If you are located in a state that applies origin-based sales tax or the tax rate is not calculated correctly, you can override the default rate.  

 When a Seller uses the tax override, that tax rate is applied to all of their Buyers. 

Override default tax rates

  1. Go the user icon
  2. Click Edit Account.
  3. Toggle the switch on to enable the override for either your products or delivery/pickup fee.
  4. Type the desired tax rate. Note:  Only type the numeric value, and do not add the "%" character.