The Publishing functionality can be a handy tool for those who like experimenting with website versions, testing them out and then pushing them Live.

To leverage all the above mentioned benefits for your Local Line website, make sure to move to the Left Panel and opt for the Publish app.

Here you will find the list of all the domains available for the current website with their Content Versions respectively. Your Local Line subdomain always carries the latest version of your website. Once you’ve made certain changes to your website, you’ll notice a change in your Subdomain’s version (ex. v2.1), but your Custom Domain’s version will stay v2.0.

At this point you will see the ‘Publish’ button. Once clicked, your v2.1 will be published to your Custom Domain and you will notice v2.1 next to your Custom Domain and the “Latest” badge turn into green. This action also completely removes your Cache from our servers to start serving the updated content/design.

Moreover, changes in Edit Mode automatically go live for your website when accessing it from its Local Line subdomain. This helps a lot, when it comes to testing before pushing the version Live.