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Sell Through a Market and to Your Own Customers

We hope you’re enjoying using Local Line to sell through your local farmers’ market! 


Your existing Local Line account can be used to sell through a market (or two or more), and also direct to your own customers.


This means you can create a custom store URL that you can share with your own followers, include on your social media profiles, and list on your website. You can also embed your storefront right into your website, too.


To do this, you’ll need to add an additional catalog to your current subscription. Customers who buy directly from your online store will be assigned to a catalog, while the farmers’ market(s) you sell through will each have a specific catalog in your account.

Enable Selling to Your Own Customers

If you would like to sell to your own customers outside of the market using Local Line, you can purchase a subscription or upgrade your current subscription. More details can be found at https://site.localline.ca/pricing

Please contact support@localline.ca if you’re interested, and we will help get you set up for success!