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Set Up Your Account

Now that you have an account, let's get it set up!

Edit Your Account

  • Click the Silhouette in the top right-hand side of your screen

  • Click Edit Account

  • Here you can change your email, name, password, add roles and users

Add a Role

Please note that only Account Owners can add team members. 

  1. Click the Edit Account tab 
  2. Click Add A Role tab and fill in the role name in the field (i.e. Accountant, Sales Rep, Operations Manager)
  3. Set the permissions for each required role
  4. Click Add New Role
  5. Fill in name of the role(s) you wish to create and select the permissions. You can edit the “role permissions” at any time. 

Assign a User 

One you have added a role, you can assign one or more users (your team) to it. 

To add a User:

  1. Click Edit Account
  2. Click the Users tab

     3.   Click Add A New User

     4.   Fill in the fields with user name and email

     5.   Ensure to check Activate Account

     6.   Click Add New User

    **Your new user will receive an email invite to Local Line. 


    Note: You can add and remove users at any time.


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