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Start Shopping

Browse products, place orders and provide payment!

Find Products

Once you’ve clicked Get Access, the online store will be visible. The products available to you can be viewed under Product Catalog on the left side of your screen.

Use the Products search bar or the clickable Categories to find your desired products

Product Information

To learn more about a product, click on the blue product name, a pop-up window will appear. (You can always contact the supplier with questions)

Note:You can add products using the counter in this pop-up. 

Ordering Products

To order products, you can add products to the cart from the list format shown below, your cart will fill on the right of the product list. 

  • You can also add products once they are in your cart, using the counters
  • Products can also be added in the product model (pop-up)

When you're finished adding off of the products you want, click Checkout

Completing Your Order

An order summary will appear on your left. Delivery and Pickup options are displayed on the right. 

Delivery & Pickup Options

  1. Select Delivery or Pickup from the dropdown menu (if there isn’t a Pickup option you will only be able to choose delivery)
  2. Select your delivery date from the date picker

3. Click Order Notes to include a message for the Supplier with your order. 

Notes should include:
- Where to deliver (back door, front door, buzz, etc)
- Who to ask for
- Hours of operation or when you can accept the delivery

4. Click Place Order

A confirmation will appear. 

You will also receive confirmation to your email.


24px-2 Click here to proceed to your next step, providing payment for your order.