Tips for Getting New Customers

Ensure Your Store Is Complete

  • Pictures and descriptions make your store more appealing

Have At Least One Pickup Location

If you don’t have a pickup location, customers outside of your delivery zones won’t be able to order from you.

  • Please note that if a third party pickup location is determined, the Local Line platform does not communicate to the pickup location. 

Designate A Public Catalog

  • It removes the required approval process for adding new customers to your ordering program
  • Upload your best products with your standard price and set it to Public

Link Your Store To Your Website

  • When potential customers visit your website, they should leave having bought your products! Linking your Local Line store to your website means customers can place an order immediately. 

Link Your Store To All Your Social Media Accounts

  • It’s great you’re growing your business with social media, but if there isn’t a clear ask to turn a viewer into a customer, it’s unlikely they’ll place an order
  • Your Local Line store link should be put into all your bio’s on social media accounts so that potential customers don’t have to look somewhere else to order from you. Make it convenient! 

Send Catalogs To Prospective Customers

As you market to new customers, you might be sending them an email, call them or even drop samples off.

  • In conjunction with these efforts, you should send them an invite to your online store so they can browse your products. You can track which products they view and provide your samples accordingly


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