View business insights on the Reports tab

Metrics that help you understand your business so you can grow and optimize it.

The Reports tab contains dashboards with key metrics for each area of your business:

  • Products - Helps plan what to grow next season.
  • Orders - Learn how your different sales channels compare.
  • Customers - Find opportunities to re-engage customers.
  • Pickup & Delivery - Improve your logistics options.
  • Storefront - Understand your buyer behaviour.

You can customize each dashboard by specifying a date range and/or catalog.

When you hover over some metrics, a tooltip is displayed to explain the calculation.

You can download the metrics to csv, xlsx or json formats in the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Safari is not currently supported. Just click the download icon on any metric.

The dashboards update every 60 seconds. If you change a product name, refresh the page to see the updated name.

Dashboards might take up to a minute to display for very large, aggregate datasets.